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Bloody Fantastic Ch. 6
"For far too long, you've fought your friends,
these fights will lead you to your-"

"Yeah, I know. Yada yada, rhyme scheme, yada yada prophecy. Look, I'm tired, this is the first night in a while where I wasn't beaten into unconsciousness. I'd really like to just enjoy my ni-

"You know not what power you possess,
you won't get any reprieve from rest."

"Really? Just ignoring me? Can you leave me alone? Please? At least for tonight. Because I would like to have a decent night's rest. I've been marching with two morons looking for their friend, all while being berated by one of them. Not to mention some new tag-a-longs that seem to have picked up on the abusive stuff-"
"You cannot escape your destiny,
for as long as-"

"Oh wow, not even gonna let me finish? Well, fine then. Only one course of action. LA LA LA LA LA LA-"
"Shut up, cat."
"Ah ha! An actual response! Now I know what tactic to use! LALALALALALA-"
Huh, that one
:iconyolatt:YOLATT 1 1
Bloody Fantastic Ch. 5
A/N: Quick little note, thanks again to the fabulous poet/writer/reviewer/good-ol'-buddy-of-mine Mica. Y'all need to take some time out of your day to go over and read his story, it's the bee's knees, the snake's feet, the YOLATT's writing schedule, and some other thing that doesn't exist that may or may not be used to describe just how damn nonsensically good it is.
"So, I'm allowed to eat birds?" I inquired, casually munching on some sort of fruit. It tasted awful, and my new dental structure wasn't too happy with it, either.
"You'd have to kill it first, but yes, you can eat birds," Kenwall responded, munching on his fifth fruit. Both he and Sparrow had chowed down through their daily provisions and were sitting on the opposite side of the campfire from me. Kenwall leaned back on the log and let out a yawn. Sparrow took slow deliberate bites, her brows scrunched down and not giving any sign that they'd return to normal. Th
:iconyolatt:YOLATT 1 1
Keeper of the Sands, chapter 2
Fen, Captain of the North Sands Territory
Captain Fen listened to the sound of life ending. Judging by the volume, the right lives were being taken. His soldiers had been atop the great walls surrounding the outpost, Old Fang, and were raining down arrows at enemy invaders. They held the advantage at the moment. The wall was facing the North, where the force was coming from. That direction was filled with a great many slopes and dunes, which provided cover for the enemy. Unfortunately for them, the horde didn't know how to use it properly, and were occasionally hiding behind insufficient cover.
The horde, which called itself the Death Reapers, was supposedly led by a large, pitch black fox who fancied himself the title Lord Redpaw, "Harvester of All Life". Fen and some of the other captains had gotten a kick out of that.
"Why 'Harvester'? If the horde itself is called the Reapers, why not just call himself 'Lord Reaper'?" the rat captain named Chie questioned. "Do harvesters really sou
:iconyolatt:YOLATT 1 0
Bloody Fantastic Ch. 4
A mouse clad in shining armor appeared, the only thing visible in a bleak expanse of space. I was vaguely aware that even I was not truly there. Nothingness and black, all except for a mouse. I tried to speak, but found no voice. I tried to move, but had nothing of which I could move. I felt trapped in the surrounding void.
"From worlds away, in desperate need,
a lone fox brought you here.
Now cat, you must listen, and take heed,
for you to find the seer."
Suddenly, another animal appeared. Colors emerged around it, molding and shifting to form a clearing around it. It was a fox, donned in silk and walking along a path. Soon, other less clear shapes took their place around it, and the image became that of an army traveling.
"For intents less pure, they sought you,
to help them defeat my ancient home."
The colors yet again morphed, now displaying a grand building made of red bricks. It almost immediately burst into flame, and shouts and shrieks could be heard from it as dark figures pou
:iconyolatt:YOLATT 1 1
Mature content
Bloody Fantastic Ch. 3 :iconyolatt:YOLATT 1 1
Mature content
Bloody Fantastic Ch. 2 :iconyolatt:YOLATT 1 1
Mature content
Bloody Fantastic :iconyolatt:YOLATT 1 3
Keeper of the Sands Ch 1
"High Lord Bloodsand, Ruler of the all the South, owner of every dune and of all those that inhabit them. Keeper of the power, leader of the many hordes, king of all that has sun shine upon its surface."
A tall, muscular, slightly pot-bellied ferret sat listening to the young beast name off his many titles, mentally reciting them much faster than the young squire said them. He wished he could preoccupy his mind with other, more entertaining thoughts, but with an entire crowd of vermin observing him, he found it hard to let his mind wander. He sat upon the large, oak wood seat adorned with small jewels that served as the throne of the King of the South. He looked around at the crowd. Most of them lived in Yolatt, the large capitol of the Southern Empire where the trial was being held. There were a few he could point out that were definitely from other controlled areas, a slightly hairier rat from the northern most sands fanning himself, a tree dweller ambassador from the Redbrick fortre
:iconyolatt:YOLATT 0 0
Marlfox Misdeeds Chapter 3
So Stoaty, what we gonna write about today?
Stoaty: My name is Pykespear!
Nice try Stoaty, but that's the name of a water rat.
Stoaty: So? More than one beast can have the same name.
BS. Throughout generations upon generations, beasts have ALWAYS had different names, never the same.
Stoaty: Martin, Log-a-Log, Wearet, Skippe-
Alright, you made your point. So what? Are you going to tell me Pykespear is like, the Joe of your world?
Stoaty: Well you ARE the author, you could think up something origin-
Good idea, shut up, MR. Stoaty!
Queen Silth was looking forward to going down to the dining hall to have a meal with her children. Ascrod and Vannan had returned the night before, carrying in treasures of the mysterious Western Isles. She kept most of the cargo, though some things she discarded, such as a golden trident and an ugly little crown with six pink pebbles attached to it. Vannan decided to keep both things as her gifts for her performance, and Ascrod was cont
:iconyolatt:YOLATT 1 3
That Marlfox thing... Part 2
Quick A/N: When Silth said "Go to the West" last time, that was pretty vague, and a bit confusing seeing as Salamandastron is in the West, right? Welp... Western islands. Yeah, let's go with that.
Random stoat: "Like Samperta?"
YES! LIKE THAT! YES! Way to go Stoaty!
Stoat: My name is-
Stoaty. Stoaty. Shut up. Anyway, quick A/N over, enjoy the show.
Silth was in the middle of her usual pastime (which was sitting in her sheets and mumbling about ghosts and her terrible choices in life... mainly Gelltor) when her door opened.
"Spawn, is that you?" She asked without looking in the general direction. Instead of her beloved children, it was a water rat. After turning to look, she was pretty sure it was one named Fangburn, but to be honest, there were a lot of those and all of her subjects sort of looked the same.
"No, you Highness, it's I, Pykespear, your royal messenger." The rat bowed.
"Mhm, alright. SO, why are you here?" The Queen asked
:iconyolatt:YOLATT 2 3
The life of a Marlfox
It was a bright and shining summer morning on the great fortress that was Castle Marl. The air was crisp and clear, the wind sending a slight rustle through the trees, the bees buzzed and a bird could be heard starting its early song. A quick arrow shot later, and there was considerable less singing in the air.
The good Queen Silth awoke groggily underneath 50 different layers of golden sheets made from melted crowns and the finest silks combined, as well as some slave tears. Her head had been resting on pillows made from the most exquisite fabrics, and stuffed with feathers from birds that no longer existed (some would call them plain pigeon feathers, but Mokkan would most likely never lie about such a thing).
Even with all these extravagant luxuries, something still troubled her. Something she knew deep down. It had been many seasons since her beloved and died. Torn from life to soon, Silth still remembered the day it happened. They had started their morning with an argument over who
:iconyolatt:YOLATT 3 6
Southern Words Ch1
Isaiah the mouse stared down the weasel lying in front of him with a expression of pure rage, sword pointed at his throat. This low down, despicable, ugly, murdering monster that had been there when the Redwall Abbey had been attacked. The villainous coward who had fled as soon as he was caught... as he was caught murdering Isaiah's father. The bloody knife freshly plucked from his only parent's chest, dripping in crimson blood.
His paw trembled with fury and anticipation. He heard shouts from farther away, the sound of the other Redwallers approaching. Isaiah kept his eyes on the weasel, watched as the vermin's eyes lazily looked back at his. His appearance gave off an apathetic mood to the situation. He lay down calmly, a brown bag behind his head, leaned up against a tall tree. The pair were in a small open area in the middle of Mossflower Wood. Dense foliage surrounded them, forming somewhat of a circle.
"So Ice," the weasel's voice was oddly calm. "I see you've gotten yourself a n
:iconyolatt:YOLATT 1 0
Redwall Rap Battles
Silvamord: The queen is here, now bow to her presence!
Rapping against a minor character that didn't speak a sentence!
Your only power in your book was to give birth to a brat,
meanwhile I was in control of an entire hoarde of rats!
Your story's a sad sack,
your familys whack,
and the only thing you did was get layed on your back!
I sent out spies, and in battles actually fought!
While for a majority of your book, all you did was rot.
I held such a great rule, there was only small defiance,
we already know what your comeback will be, just silence!
Bluefen: Step back, dear. We know what you did.
Your most impressive feat was killing some weak kid.
And your right, my main role was to give birth to my son,
maybe if you actually loved your hubby, you might've won.
When you actually battled, you failed to lead your horde!
When we attack we'll spill your rats blood on your shores!
Sure I didn't talk, but I could've still been brilliant.
Because you never shut up, we know you're just an idiot
:iconyolatt:YOLATT 8 11
For Brantsteele by YOLATT For Brantsteele :iconyolatt:YOLATT 0 0
New Redwall story, P1
Yeah... check the description.
:iconyolatt:YOLATT 0 0
mangatar stuff by YOLATT mangatar stuff :iconyolatt:YOLATT 0 0


Urth: The Fey by Blazbaros Urth: The Fey :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 504 59 Fantasy Races: [1/4] Humans by Dyemelikeasunset Fantasy Races: [1/4] Humans :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 8,789 686 Warlords Playing Poker by Kelaiah Warlords Playing Poker :iconkelaiah:Kelaiah 38 58 Redwall Rap Battle: Bluefen vs Silvamord by Kelaiah Redwall Rap Battle: Bluefen vs Silvamord :iconkelaiah:Kelaiah 19 38 7 Deadly Sins - Greed by Kelaiah 7 Deadly Sins - Greed :iconkelaiah:Kelaiah 47 82 Happy Tree Friends [Anime Version] by Battagua Happy Tree Friends [Anime Version] :iconbattagua:Battagua 430 15 Nostalgia Critic Vs Celestia by CornOfTheBreads Nostalgia Critic Vs Celestia :iconcornofthebreads:CornOfTheBreads 591 213 Mokkan Portrait by YasminFoster Mokkan Portrait :iconyasminfoster:YasminFoster 112 31 Ublaz Mad Eyes Portrait by YasminFoster Ublaz Mad Eyes Portrait :iconyasminfoster:YasminFoster 595 74 Slagar the Cruel Portrait by YasminFoster Slagar the Cruel Portrait :iconyasminfoster:YasminFoster 234 72 Warlords Playing Poker by Kelaiah Warlords Playing Poker :iconkelaiah:Kelaiah 70 111


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Aaaaaaand it turns out I'm still alive.

So, what with college interviews, scholarship deadlines, and the ever present threat of homework, I've had little and less time for writing. Overall, these last months have been very stressful, and inspiration refuses to touch me.


And by that I mean that, while my schedule is still very hectic, I've been recently clearing more time for writing and some other projects. Bloody Fantastic has moved from hiatus to in progress yet again, and, as a personal apology for the lack of updates and content, here's a very small video from the lovely Just Imagination Studios that I got to voice a little in. It was a real pleasure working with them, and for the length of time it was, I think the video was pretty good. Even if I sound a bit awkward in it compared to just about everybeast else.

So anyway, just a small update and all. I won't give a definitive date on when to expect the next piece of content from me, other than it'll be before April, I can promise that much. XD

As always, have a good one, whoever is reading this.


United States


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